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How do I Install a WordPress plugin automatically?

There are two ways that you can install a plugin, 1 by directly uploading the file through the automatic plugin installer or by manually installing the plugin.


To do this through the available installer:


Step 1 - Go to the available admin panel in WordPress


Step 2 - Now go to the available section ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’


Step 3 - Under the available search option, find the plugin that you would like to use.


Step 4 - Now click on the available section ‘Details’ and then click ‘Install Now’


If this is the first time you've installed a WordPress plugin, you may need to enter the FTP login credential information. If you've installed a plugin before, the login information will already be stored. This information is available through your web server host.


Step 5 - You will need to click on the available option ‘Proceed’


Step 6 - If your install has been successful, you will now need to click on the available option ‘Activate Plugin’ or ‘Return to Plugin Installer’ for further steps.