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Installing plugins

To install a plugin you will need to:


Step 1 - Log in to the WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 - hover over ‘Plugin’ in the left-hand menu and then click on the available option ‘Add New’ in the sub-menu.

Step 3 - To the right, use the available option ‘Search Plugins’ here you can type the keyword of the plugin you want to install.


There is also a drop-down to the left of the text area that will allow you to search specifically with a keyword, tag or author.


Step 4 - There is also an option to review additional information about the plugins which can be accessed by clicking on the option ‘More Details’

Step 5 - Once you have located the plugin that you want to use, all you need to do is click on the option ‘Install Now’ once installed this option will change to ‘Activate’ which you will need to do to enable the plugin.


Tips when selecting a plugin:


Star Rating: Look to see how many stars that plugin has been rated along with how many people have rated it. 5 stars with only 1 review is different from 4.5 stars and 633 reviews.


Last Updated: Select a plugin that is being maintained and updated by the plugin’s developer. An outdated plugin may not work or function correctly with your updated WordPress version or theme.


Active Installations: It is nice to see when a plugin is popular as it’s a great indication that others have found it useful and successful. Keep in mind though that you might happen upon a new plugin which has yet to be discovered by other users.


Compatible with your version of WordPress: Make sure to select a plugin that has been tested and is compatible with your version of WordPress. You will want to make sure that it plays nicely with your core WordPress files.