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How do I optimize my website?

Regardless of traffic that your site might generate over time, we here at Site Creator feel it is important to optimize your site. There are a few plugins that Site Creator recommend that every WordPress user install. 


In addition, there are some general housekeeping rules with WordPress that we recommend you follow, like deactivating and deleting any plugins that you are not actively using. 

This is the same for themes, but it is good practice to have at least 2 themes installed. 

One, your active theme and the other a default theme. If anything was to happen to your active theme, the default theme will be applied to your site. 

You should do this, because removing unneeded plugins and themes will have an impact on your website's performance.


Another housekeeping rule is that you maintain and update the WordPress website to make sure that the core WordPress, themes, and plugins are current. New releases for these items tend to address bugs, vulnerabilities, and provide improvements.