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How do I remove a block?

All you have to do is simply select the block you would like to remove, select the vertical 3 three dots in the blocks individual menu-bar. From the visible drop-down, select the option ‘Remove Block’.


Other Block Stuff

Add New Block - Located in the upper left-hand corner or when you hover over the space at the bottom of the page/post content. These two buttons will allow you to add new blocks.


Undo - This button will allow you to undo a change, addition, deletion, or any other task that you wish to revert.


Redo - Similar to the undo button, the redo button will allow you to revert back to a change that you had undone previously.


Page Information - This information button will reveal details about the page you are editing such as the content’s word count, headings, paragraphs, and the number of blocks on the page.


Block Navigation- This button provides a drop-down list of the blocks used on the page/post. Select the block from the drop-down to jump to it within the content.


Switch to Draft - If a page/post is already published, this option will allow you to quickly switch it into draft mode. This will unpublish the page/post and allow you to work on it without it being active on your website.


Document - This tab provides the page/posts specific settings. Within this section, you will have the option to set the visibility, a publish date, view revisions (if more than 1 update to content), change the permalink, add a featured image, and more.


Block - This option will reveal the advanced options for a selected block. Depending on the block chosen, these options may include font style and color, additional CSS, and formatting.