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How do I manually install a theme

This option is for more experienced users, as you will be attempting to upload your theme directly to your server.


You will be uploading your theme to your WordPress Theme directory.


Step 1 - Open your ‘File Manager’ in your cPanel or alternatively connect to your Server with an FTP client.

Step 2 - You will need to navigate to the themes directory that is inside of the ‘wp-content’ directory in your WordPress document root.

Step 3 - You will now need to upload your compressed theme files into the /wb-content/themes folder.

Step 4 - Now uncompress your theme file within the /wb-content/themes folder, You should be selecting the file and then clicking on the available option ‘Extract’.


Once your file has been uncompressed in the WordPress theme folder, you will activate the theme by:


Step 1 - Log in to the WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 - In the left nav-menu, hover over ‘Appearance’ and then click on the available option ‘Theme’ in the sub-menu.

Step 3 - Hover over you themes thumbnail image and click on the available option ‘Activate’


Not working? If blank pages are encountered after you have completed your install, Please review ‘WordPress - Blog Blank Pages’