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Adding your theme via the WordPress dashboard

You are able to search through the WordPress themes using specific keywords or features.

Follow the steps below to start searching through your WordPress dashboard:


Step 1 - On your left nav-menu, hover over the available option ‘Appearances’ then select the option ‘Themes’ from the available sub-menu.


Step 2 - Now you will be shown the ‘Themes’ page that will display all installed themes which you can use on your site. You can only have 1 Theme active on your site at a time.


Step 3 - For additional Themes, you will need to click on the option ‘Add New’ at the top of the Themes page. Here you will be shown Themes that are available but through the WordPress, org repository. Many are free or offer an upgrade option for purchase.


Step 4 - Here you will be able to browse through the themes that are available in WordPress, remember you will be able to search using specific keywords, author or tags in the top menu options.


Step 5 - If you hover your mouse over the desired Theme’s thumbnail you will be shown a preview of the theme and read details on the theme and also install the theme for your site.


Step 6 - Once installed, you will notice that an ‘Activate’ option has appeared.


Step 7 - You should Click on the ‘Activate’ option if you wish to apply the Theme to your website.