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Getting started Site Creator's Site Builder

Everybody can make website in a matter of minutes without special knowledge using the Site Creator website builder. With hundreds of templates to choose from, and a bundles of useful plugins, it really is the quickest and easiest way to get a website established.

This article is all about getting off the ground with the Site Creator website builder, from how to access it, then onto a basic tutorial of using it.

The first stage is accessing the builder; log into the Site Creator dashboard, click My Sites in the sidebar, then click the tile labelled Site Builder.

Next you choose your template, there are over 300 templates to choose from or options to start fresh. Our top tip here is to look past the colours, placeholder text and images... Focus on the layout. By hovering over a template, you can choose to preview it. This enables you to see the page layouts in a greater depth and start to envisage your content mapped out, think about the navigation and layouts here - but don't forget, you can always add more pages and expand on what you see.

Having chosen a template, you will then be presented with the actual website builder editor. You will see your website just like a visitor would, but at the top of the page various editing options will be available, and as you move your mouse over images, text and components you will see options to select, move or edit. 

The screenshot above shows the website editing options, here is a bit more detail:

  1. Webpage drop down menu - from this menu, you can access the various webpages that make up your website. Clicking on a page enables you to begin editing it. Clicking Edit provides a map of webpages and enables renaming, reorganisation and adding of new webpages.
  2. New/Reset menu - this menu allows for resetting any changes you have made back to the base template, you can also change the template here but be warned any changes will be lost in doing so.
  3. Preview/Publish buttons - clicking preview allows you to see your website exactly as a visitor would, there are also options within preview to view your website as a visitor would on tablet or phone screen widths.
  4. Content options - the light grey bar with options labelled Text, Picture, Gallery, etc enable you to create additional elements. These are all drag and drop, so having clicked to add text, you will first be presented with various styling options for the text you want to add. The same can be said for clicking any content on this bar.

If you have used tools such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs before, the editing of templates and webpages will come naturally to you. Any piece of content on a webpage, when hovered over, displays options to move or edit - it really is simple to get started.

We have numerous articles on using the website builder in greater depth, but it is so easy to use, it is best to try it first - then consult the knowledgebase, instead of approaching it with the mindset of being on a learning curve. 

Last but not least, when you are done editing, click the arrow in the top right corner of the builder next to the Publish button. Here you can choose to either publish, if your website is ready for prime time, save as a draft, or save your website onto your computer as a backup. Happy building!