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How do I transfer my website's database

Websites use databases to store data such as product listings and comments. To fully migrate from your previous host, you will need to export your database from your old provider and upload it to Site Creator servers.

Within this article you will learn: 

How to export my websites database 

To export your database, you will need to access the phpMyAdmin account from your old hosting provider. 

Once you have access follow these instructions to export your database:

  • Access phpMyAdmin from your Old Hosting Account 
  • Click the Database you wish to export from The Sidebar 
  • Click Export 
  • Make sure the format is set to SQL
  • Click Go


Your database will be saved on your computer. Move this file to a safe location as you will need it to import your database to Site Creator

 Note - If your previous hosting solution does not use phpMyAdmin please contact them and ask "How do I export my websites database in SQL format"

How to import my website's database to Site Creator

  • Go to My Sites 

  • Click Login to Plesk on the site you want to Import Your Database 

  • Click Databases 
  • Click Add Database 

  • Create your Database Name
  • Create your Database User Name
  • Create database Password
  • Confirm your database Password
  • Click OK 

  • Locate the Database that you have Just Created 
  • Click phpMyAdmin


  • Click Import
  • Click Choose File
  • Upload The File that you Exported From Your Previous Host 
  • Click Go

Your website's database will now be successfully uploaded. The next step to fully migrate your website to Site Creator's server is to Point Your Domain To Site Creator's Name Servers