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How do I migrate my website from my old hosting provider?

If you are switching hosting providers, you will need to run through a few steps to get your website up and running on Site Creator's servers. 

To do so please follow the steps in this order:

Transferring websites files

All the content on your website is stored within files. These files are stored on a server run by your hosting provider. 

When switching from your old provider you will need to transfer the files to Site Creator's servers. 

1. File transfer via FTP 

Manually transfer your website's files across using an FTP client like FileZilla - More Info  

2. Import website via Site Creator's Site Builder

If you have used another hosting solution site builder tool, it is more than likely they will not allow you to access your website's files via FTP. 

Site Creator's Site Builder includes a feature that will pull any images and content from a pre-existing website and give you access to them within our Site Builder. - More Info

Transferring your website's database

Once you have your files have been transferred to the Site Creator's server you will need to transfer over your database - More Info

  Note: If your website was built by your old hosting provider's website builder, skip this step.

Point your domain to Site Creator's name servers

The final step to fully migrate your site over to Site Creator is to point your domain to Site Creator's Namer Servers - More Info