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Why choose Plesk?

Used by millions of websites, Plesk simplifies your hosting management experience. 

It includes a large variety of tools and applications that will help you build and host your ideal website. With over 20 years of experience and development, Plesk is by far one of the leading hosting solutions in the industry.

Its intuitive graphical interface (which is even great on mobile!) will allow you to take control of the following on the go: 

  • File Management
  • Email Management
  • File Server Management
  • Shared server Management 
  • Databases  

Plesk is well known for its reliable back end and strong security. There is no doubt, that with Plesk your website and its content are safe and secure. 

Within the Site Creator's subscription we offer access to Plesk as we want all of our users to experience one of the best hosting solutions within the industry. 

Here at Site Creator we understand how the value of Plesk so we have included it within your HostGrid subscription. To get started Click here!