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AWstats explained

To view the AWstats (advanced web statistics), navigate to ‘Website & Domains’ and select the ‘Web Statistics SSL/TLS’ icon on the Websites & Domains page. Alternatively you can go through the Statistics page from the navigation bar.


WStats allows you to dive deep into the activity for each domain. Awstats, by default, will attempt to remove machine visitors, leaving you with more visibility on viewed traffic (human) and non-viewed traffic (robot).


The summary table will provide you figures for the selected month as well as displaying useful ratios.


[image highlighting table]


To view the most recent information in the summary table, make sure you click the ‘Update Now’ at the top of the page to refresh the summary table.


Unique visitors - calculated by IP address - this may not always be accurate - such as if multiple users access from the same internet cafe.


Number of visits - total number of sessions to a site. A session is calculated by combining all views by a unique visitor within a period of time (typically an hour). This ratio will then show you the visits per visitor, helping you understand if users visit regularly.


Pages - will show a total of pages viewed as well as a ratio of pages viewed per visit.


Hits - will show a total of files downloaded from the server. For example, visiting a page with four images generates five hits - as the page counts as one hit as well. This also provides a ratio of hits per visit.


Bandwidth - will show a total of bandwidth as well as a ratio per visit.


Below the summary tables are additional tables and graphs allowing you to make comparisons between different periods. You are able to do this for months, days of the month, days of week and hours


AWstats also provides information on visitors themselves. You’ll be able to see the most popular browsers, operating systems and countries users are from. If you rely on other websites to direct users to your site, you can also see where most traffic is connected from.


There is also more statistics available to view, which depending on your needs may be useful or completely irrelevant.