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How do I set up and access my main FTP account?

You may want to access your main FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account to upload and manage files on your website. 

Within this article you will learn: 

How to set up my main FTP account

To set up and gain access to your main FTP account, you will have to generate a new password within plesk

  • Login to your  Dashboard
  • Click My Sites in the sidebar
  • Click Login to Plesk

  • Click Connection Info


  • Click the edit Password Icon
  • Create a New Password
  • Click Save

After you have created your password, on this screen you will be able to see your main FTP login details including username and password.

How to access my main FTP account

To access your Main FTP account, use the login details that you have just created and enter them into your FTP Client (For example FileZilla)

From here you will be able to access to all your websites files.