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Domain and subdomain management

When you first use Plesk, Site Creator will have set up any domains purchased through Site Creator on Plesk. To view your domains and websites, navigate to ‘Domain and Websites’. Here each domain will be shown with its own menu and options allowing you to configure and manage each domain.


You can add additional domains and subdomains using the ‘Add Domain’ and ‘Add Subdomain’ buttons.


Each domain will have the following

  • Domain name

    • The name of the domain such as ‘Site’ there is www. as this is added automatically. The domain name will either be a domain or a subdomain.

  • Hosting Type

    • You may change what hosting is available under the domain name such as whether it is hosting a website with or without a mail server, just hosting a mail server or simply forwarding one domain name to another.

  • Document Root

    • This is where the files of the website being hosted are stored 

    • By default, your main domain will be under /httpdocs

    • When adding or changing a domain you can select another directory if needed (such as for a subdomain)

Creating subdomains

Subdomains are useful when you want to separate out your site into a collection of smaller sites, especially if they are separate from your main website. This helps not only search engine optimization but also for day to day management. It may be that you only wish an employee to have administrator access to the part of the website they are responsible for, such as a merchandise 


You can create Subdomains by hitting the ‘Add Subdomain’ button. As it is a subdomain, you cannot set the specific hosting type as it will sit under the main domain.


For example, is an online merchandise shop, - the main website ( is dedicated to the whole business which includes show events and crafting workshops. The merchandise shop is just a smaller site, therefore a subdomain could be used to separate the two websites but have the merchandise shop under the same Domain.