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How do I add a new user on Plesk?

You can add additional users to have access to Plesk. To do this click ‘Users’ on the Plesk Navigation Bar and select ‘Create User Account’.



You will be able to set the following when creating an account

  • Contact Name

    • How the user will be displayed within Plesk

  • Email address

    • If you wish to create them an email hosted by Site Creator using Plesk

  • External Email Address

    • Should be used if you require a user to be activated by email.

  • User Role

    • Grants specific privileges and access based on the role.

  • Access to Subscriptions

    • If you wish to limit the user to a specific domain/subscription.

  • Username

  • Password

  • User is Active

    • Toggle whether they will have access to Plesk or whether it is just an account associated with their email or other services

  • Activate account by email

    • Set the need to activate the account by email - useful for making sure the email is correct.