Knowledge Base

A quick Introduction to your Plesk

Once you have logged into Plesk, your interface should look similar to the below


You may be asked to accept cookies when you first use Plesk.

  1. The main navigation is on the left hand side of the bar.

  2. Clicking this icon on the top bar will take you to Advisor application



Using the navigation bar you can go to to any place in Plesk you may need

  • Websites and Domains

    • Manage your domains and their associated website(s)

  • Mail

    • Manage email accounts and settings for all domains 

  • Applications

    • Manage applications to be used throughout and through Plesk

  • Files

    • Manage all the files on your server using an easy to use web-based file manager

  • Databases

    • Manage all your databases here 

  • Statistics

    • View all statistics on your disk usage, data usage and websites

  • Users

    • Manage users which may have access to Plesk and other parts of your hosting

  • Account

    • Manage your own Plesk account, including your own profile and backup settings

  • WordPress

    • Manage how WordPress is set up on Plesk and use it as a portal to your WordPress

  • SEO Toolkit

    • Utilize SEO toolkit to optimise how search engines treat your website

  • Builder

    • Alternatively to WordPress, you can use builder to create a website straight from {company.Name}


Advisor will let you know if anything needs your immediate attention.



When updating or applying some updates you will see a progress bar in the bottom right

And when it’s complete you’ll be given a success notification

If it fails please reach out to support for assistance.